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Expert Optometrist Dr. Randall Sakamoto

Dr. Sakamoto is originally from Chicago, IL. He graduated from the University of Michigan earning his Bachelor’s in Psychology. He received his Doctorate of Optometry from the Illinois College of Optometry. In April 2000, he received a Ph.D. in Medicine from the Tokyo Women’s Medical College in Tokyo, Japan. He has practiced in a variety of locations: Chicago, Honolulu, San Jose, and most notably for 17 years in Tokyo, Japan. He returned to Honolulu in 2003 and began this private practice in 2007. He enjoys golfing, surfing, and spending time with his wife and their doggie.


Dr. Sakamoto enjoys spending quality time with his patients. He prides himself on the friendly connections he is able to maintain with patients over the many years they continue to return. Despite being one of the most innovative optometrists in the field, Dr. Sakamoto treats each of his patients like family. He strives to provide the best service and does so by keeping the office up to date with the newest tests and products. Improving eye sight, preventing ocular diseases, and monitoring age-related conditions for the residents and visitors of Hawaii is our goal. Everyone deserves to see the beauty that made Dr. Sakamoto fall in love with this island.


Among Dr. Sakamoto’s many specialties are treating dry eye, ocular infections, glaucoma, diabetic complications, keratoconus and macular degeneration. He is also an internationally acclaimed speaker in the contact lens field. He has spoken in Europe, Asia, Australia and regularly in the United States. Bifocal lenses have an especially great demand that the doctor is able to fill with expertise.


The office is best known for our innovative Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) or Orthokeratology. This is a procedure that can correct nearsightedness with a special contact lens worn while you sleep. Upon waking, you remove the lenses and are able to see all day without contacts or glasses. It is ideal for those patients who are hesitant to have surgery performed on their eyes or who experience eyeglass complications. Also, it is even more ideal for growing children as studies have shown that this contact lens can slow the growth of nearsightedness as the child matures.


Dr. Sakamoto and our clinic have concentrated on the early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. Our clinic is the first in Hawaii to utilize electro-diagnositic testing (VEP, Visually Evoked Potential and ERG, electro-retinogram) which can detect glaucoma 6 years earlier than conventional testing methods. Early detection and treatment can really improve the outcome for glaucoma patients allowing them to enjoy normal vision their entire lives in most cases.


Another area of expertise is our Dry Eye Clinic. Our clinic utilizes the newest analysis and treatment instrument for dry eyes (TearScience’s LipiView and LipiFlow system). If you are bothered by dry eyes, watery eyes, of end of the day discomfort, please inquire about our Dry Eye Clinic.


If you have not been satisfied with your current vision or correction methods, consider seeing Dr. Sakamoto.

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Expert Optometrist Dr. Malia Sato

Dr. Malia Sato is originally from Aomori, Japan but grew up in Waipio Gentry, Hawaii. After graduating from Pearl City High School, she attended Pacific University in Oregon and completed her bachelor’s degree in biology. She attended Western University of Health Sciences in Southern California and received her doctorates in optometry, graduating with high honors. She has received training at the world-renowned Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Harpers Point Eye Associates under nationally recognized doctors, and The Villages VA Outpatient Clinic in Florida. Additionally, she has volunteered on medical mission trips to Fiji and Mexico, providing free eye exams to underserving patients. Dr. Sato’s goal is to educate patients so that they may be well-informed decision makers on issues affecting their vision and health along with forming meaningful relationships with her patients. Dr. Sato offers quality and full-scope eye care but is especially passionate about ocular/systemic disease, contact lenses, and dry eyes. In her free time, Dr. Sato enjoys traveling, fitness, and spending time with friends and family.

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Dr. Malia Sato OD